I accidentally deleted catkin_ws

While taking Linux for Robotics, I deleted the catkin_ws directory. Everything is gone and I don’t know how to return or fix it. I cannot do anything with the simulator now. Please help

Try reloading the IDE and click kill and start a new shell.


Dat is niet zo best ik zou gewoon uitschrijven :confused:


Lekker bezig pik, begint goed


@WoutFranken Generally in a Linux system you can recover it from trash.
In this case try logging into course again.
If this does not happen, Try mailing constructsim they will always have a backup similar to trash in local system and they can restore it.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @WoutFranken,

After checking the versions of your files, I see you were able to recover the catkin_ws when opening the course again, right?

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