Human_robot moving out of control

I am the self-exercise of “Project: create your own robot with TF from scratch” in course “TF ROS”. I create my own human-shape robot and add controllers. Everything is noraml in webshell. But when I download the same files on my own computer, it becomes wired: the robot keeps wiggling rapidly and absolutely out of control. Even if I set every joint with some kind of moving-mode with rqt_gui, it is still out of control. And even makes Gazebo go error. Anyone else also come with the same problem?

Hi, what do you mean by “it becomes wired”?

If your files work differently in The Construct platform and your local system, then it must be a setup configuration on your PC. Maybe some packages missing or Gazebo?

You can create a rosject (with the correct distribution) and transfer your files there too, and it will be in the same configuration as the course

Hi @roalgoal ,
thanks for your replying. I found the key of the problem afterwards but still don’t know the reason. It seems that the simulation in Gazebo has an influnce of previous publishment with rqt_gui. I previously published the joint commands with rqt_gui but it cannot be erased anymore. So I modified the xacro-file of my humanbot, just add one part (e.g. one arm, one leg) from zero to the whole, and it goes normally. The problem is solved but still confused me. But let it alone for now anyway.

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