How to work with ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) - linked projects seem empty

Link to development studio(ROSject Link:…) creates a new project, but it is totally empty when opened. Is it possible to develop project there?

Hi @simutisernestas,

It seems the link you provided is not correct. Could you please provide which link you are talking about?

Also, where did you find this link? Is it on a course? If so, which Course and which exercise or example is that?

Hi @bayodesegun

Yes this link is not same one on course. It is in sphero project (ros in 5 days course, final project). First link to development studio, basically I have the same problem with any links to development studio. Then I open it, it creates a project with correct name, but it is empty in studio.

Hi @simutisernestas, I’m not sure what you mean here, but

  • if you pick the IDE from the Tools menu, you’ll find the simulation files in simulation_ws (not in the usual catkin_ws).
  • From the Simulations menu, you can launch this simulation by clicking the button that says Choose launch file.

PS: I think you are looking at catkin_ws, but in ROS Development Studio we mostly have the files in simulation_ws. Apologies if this is confusing.


Hello @simutisernestas,

Could you post one of the links you reported to be empty, please?
There is a possibility they are wrong.

But, you may be looking for the files at the wrong place, as @bayodesegun has mentioned.
In ROSDS, we don’t provide a simulation running from the beginning like in the Academy, it’s a development environment where you can customize and control all ROS processes in your workspace.

You can launch the offered robots from the simulations menu or choose one of the simulations you have in your simulation_ws/src folder.

Please, let us know if you could have it working and, if you can share one of the links you tried, it would help us a lot to understand the problem you are experiencing :slight_smile: