How to select object to pick if there are many objects and detect them

Hi, I’m Toshiki.
I would like to know how to select object to pick like I want robot to pick ObjectA in environment that there are ObjectA, ObjectB and ObjectC.

In my understanding, /find_objects return /object_cloud(ObjectA, ObjectB and ObjectC).
Then I don’t get idea to select to pick ObjectA.

Thank you

Hello @toshi229el37 ,

The /find_objects action returns a list of objects GraspableObject[] objects. So, you can use the data inside this message in order to filter them: grasping_msgs/Object Documentation

For instance, you can filter the one which is more to the left, the one that is closer to the robot arm, the biggest object, etc… There is an example of this at EXTRA Exercise 3.3 in Unit 3: Object Detection.