How to rotate the map in rviz?

Hi @staff,

I’m Sorry to bother you so much.

I want to rotate the map to align the car. So I changed the last item of origin in the yaml file as shown below.
But this modification also gave me an error, as shown in the picture below, two maps appeared in my rviz and it did not achieve the result I expected (the map where the car was located did not rotate).

So my question is “How to fix this error” and “How to rotate the map in rviz”?

Thank you very much!

Hello @zlwnge,

Could you please elaborate more your question adding a little more description about the bigger picture what you want to achieve? Are you trying to localize your robot on the map? If so, I think the solution is the other way around, you need to modify the position of the robot on the map so that it align to the map in Rivz.
Please provide more details so that we can help you.



Hi @rzegers ,

Thank you for your reply. And I’ve solved this problem. It’s a bug in ROS 1.

Thank you again,

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