How to obtain Screwdriver torque in ROS

Hey guys, I’m quite new to ROS!

Has anyone managed to obtain screwdriver torque information from a robot using ROS?

I’m using Robotiq Screwdriver that simplifies the screwdriving programming in Universal Robot (UR5e), which uses the embedded force sensor that is operated by Force Co-pilot. I am aware that I can use topic /wrench to obtain the robot torque and force, but I was wondering how can one obtain the screwdriver force (the stopping condition of the screwdriver action) from the robot?

Any help would be much appriciated!

Hi @RishiM ,

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I don’t think I am a good person to answer this question, but I do have an idea / suggestion to tackle this in one way.

As you said, you have the /wrench topic which provides the torque and force. You could try creating a subscriber to /wrench topic. Then you can keep reading the force value until you reach a threshold value and then stop the screwdriver function / action.
As you know, mathematically, torque = radius x force.
So technically, if you have any two values out of the three, you can get your problem solved!

I hope I helped you in some way.


Hey Girish,

Thank you very much for the help! That makes a lot of sense, silly me!

Hi @RishiM ,

Glad to be of help!

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