How to make a Turtlebot3 burger robot follow the side of a building to goal position

How to make a Turtlebot3 burger robot follow the side of a building to goal position autonomously using laser sensor, obeying the traffic light(red,yelow,green) on the road before goal


There are many ways of doing that.
I would suggest to use the laser to track the distance from a wall and RGB camera with blob tracking ( See Perception in 5 days course ) to detect colors and know what to do.

See also : GitHub - isarlab-department-engineering/ros_dt_traffic_light_detection: ROS Node for detecting traffic
See also: GitHub - bosch-ros-pkg/bstld: Sample scripts for the Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset

Thanks for answering, how do i use the laser to track the distance from a wall, in an autonomous drive

Saying what @duckfrost already said in other words, you need to break your problem into smaller pieces, find how to do each piece, and then tie them together at the end.

  1. For your robot to be autonomous, it needs to detect and avoid obstacles. That’s the purpose of the laser sensor. You need to read up on how to use a laser sensor (you can take the ROS Basics in 5 Days course or google it), as it is a “long story” that no one can tell you on a forum. You have to read up and practise. Just a small tip: a laser sensor will send you a number (not in any particular unit) of how close your robot is to an obstacle. When it cannot sense any obstacle, it will usually send you an inf (infinite distance, check how to deal with inf in Python for example).

  2. You robot will need to detect colors to obey traffic lights. That’s what the RGB camera is for. You can take the recommended course or do some research on the Internet to find out how to use one.

  3. Let me add that you also need to figure out how you will know that the robot has gotten to the goal. What’s the goal? A wall? A certain distance covered? Crossing a red line? Getting to a banner?

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Thanks bayo,the goal is a green mark on a wall, how can i get the position and orientation of that goal point, so i can add it to my python script, could you suggest sites on google i could learn those

I don’t know of any better site to learn the ROS than this one, so you can go through the recommended courses.

Since your goal is a green mark on a wall, you will have to figure out how to differentiate between this and the green traffic light.

Here are additional resources you can research:

  1. ROS wiki: .
  2. Our YouTube Channel, where you will find a ton of free ROS tutorials created by our team.
  3. ROS Developers LIVE Classes, where you will find a weekly free LIVE class on different ROS subjects.

You need to get going on the points already given you. As you do things will become clearer. That’s the way to go.

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