How to get Rosject for Turtlebot3 Gazebo simulation in ROS melodic


I would like to find Rosject for Turtlebot3 Gazebo simulation in ROS melodic.
I searched with keyword “Turtlebot3_Burger_Sim” and found a ROS kinetic version by Assihabe. However, I need the ROS melodic version.

So, I decided to install Turtlebot3 simulation using the ROS Melodic version. Installation went well. However, when I log out and log in again, the .bashrc file is not saved, and the related libraries installed in the /opt/ros/melodic folder also disappear.

I don’t necessarily have to create a new Rosject. I just want to have the Turtlebot3 Gazebo Simulation in ROS Melodic version in some way.

How can I have a ROS Melodic version of Turtlebot3 Gazebo Simulation?

I found the public Rosject “Turtlebot3 Gazebo” in ROS Melodic by yoyo1959.

However, this Rosject also does not have related libraries and the necessary parts in the .bashrc file.