How to get certificate

Once i complete the ros basics using python (quiz and task completed) what am i supposed to get the certificate?
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To get Code Foundation for ROS certificate
1st complete Linux for Robotics then Python 3 for Robotics
last give Prerequisites Exam , if scored 8 or more out of 10 you get certified
Learning Path - Code Foundation for ROS - Robotics & ROS Online Courses | The Construct follow this path.

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To get the certificate for ROS Basics in 5 Days with Python course, you must finish the rosject and give a live presentation of the rosject.
Once you finish the live presentation, you will get the certificate, until then you will not get the certificate.

So to get the certificate you must do the following:

  1. Finish the course 100% by completing the exercises in each unit along with the quizzes (like topics_quiz, services_quiz and actions_quiz), and score a 10 on the quizzes.
  2. Finish the rosject associated with ROS Basics in 5 Days course both in simulation and on the TurtleBot in the Real Robot Lab.
  3. Once you are ready with the rosject running fine on the Real Robot TurtleBot, you can schedule a live presentation with The Construct Team.
  4. Upon completion of the live presentation of the rosject, you will receive the certificate within 2 working days.


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Here is the general guide to obtaining a certificate on The Construct.

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