How to connect Schneider PLC M340 (3420302) to raspberry pi

I need some help. The situation: An agv robot is controlled by an Schneider PLC (M340) with Lexium32 servomoteur, but we want to add a LIDAR to the system for navigation. We want this LIDAR to connect to a Raspberry Pi4 8Gb that runs ROS and calculate the direction en velocity . The data dat the ROS system calculates needs to be send to the PLC in de AGV. The phisical connection between the PLC and the Raspberry Pi is estableshed via a ethernet cable.

Question: What protocol can I use best to send data from ROS to the PLC? What packages do I need? how i can do this thanks

Hi, @achref95, welcome to the community!

I must say that I don’t have experience with PLCs, nor how to communicate them with ROS. You check this discussion and see if it helps: PLC interfaces - ROS-Industrial - ROS Discourse

But in terms of the LIDAR, you can use an RPlidar with a raspberry pi with no extra battery needed, and it also has a driver for ROS and ROS2: rplidar - ROS Wiki

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