How to became a Robotics Software engineer

Hi guys
I am Melvin Sajith
I like to become a robotics software engineer , I am from India now in class 12th

I am asking that should I take CSE or ECE as I like both software and electronics but I am more to software field like computer vision , so the problem is in India CS and computer engineering is combined to CSE and I liked the computer engineering syllabus , because there is microcontrollers , robotics and things like that in syllabus , but in CSE syllabus there is more to software things like web development and less on microcontrollers or robotics so is it good to go for CSE and self learn things like microcontrollers and robotics from online

I already know electronics, Arduino, python, C programming , Raspberry pi SBC , opencv , some C++ , Linux , some computer vision , Jetson nano SBC and I have robotics basics certificate from a engineering collage in India

and also worked as a freelancer in some robotics projects and Arduino project.

why I am asking this because I researched a lot and found that there is very less collages that have B tech Robotics and also found that it is better to focus on one filed of robotics then
then learn the others.

So should I go for CSE or ECE , Computer Science Engineering or Electronics and Communication Engineering

and also can I do M tech in robotics after B tech CSE

Having a strong background in software is going to be much more important, ROS is more about programming especially good C++. Python in nice and easy but C++ is where you get the most performance and more secure code. Not to mention a good ROS software engineer will pay better. So the CSE would be the best in my opinion. You should also continue with software degree for your MS. If you want to do development that is mostly software. Also you want to focus on AI this is required and again is primarily software. So focus on software and artificial intelligence.


Thanks for your reply