How much time is the grader supposed to take?

It’s been half an hour my grader doesn’t move past this.
I even tried zooming out. Is this how long it takes? How do I know something’s wrong?
Also for my files, I noticed files were generated (what’s that?)

Why is my grade 0
and where are the result for python tasks


How does this submit button say this ? It used to say “I HAVE INFINITE TRAILS”
I’m not even sure how to access the access. I believe doing the linux and python tasks were the first step right? then comes the quiz?
And the coding exercises have infinite tries?

Please help me

Hello @akshata_101 ,

It looks like the autocorrection system crashed at some point and it didn’t update the mark properly. Could you please share your solution code so that I can have a deeper look? You can send it to me here

And yes, you have infinite trials for this, so don’t worry about that.

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