How is the ROS Basics Real Robot Project (of the ROS Basics In 5 Days course) evaluated?

I started the course a few weeks ago, and I resolved the topics_quiz, services_quiz and actions_quiz exercises. Then when I reached unit 11 I saw a message to indicate me to starts the final exercise using a ROS Development Studio .

So I launched ROS Development studio with ROS Basic Real Robot Project, then a notebook appears with instructions to complete several exercises for topics, services and actions. In this point I have several doubts:

  • The exercises are different from the ones that I resolved in the course, with a new robot and new gazebo simulation, do I need to solve them again? how is it evaluated? I didn’t see any button to grade the exercise?.
  • Are these exercises the final project of the course?
  • Where can I see my progress in the course?
  • How do I get the course completion certificate?


i have the same question, but with the navigation path, i scored 10 in the ROS Navigation in 5 days but still don´t have my certificate. i think they are making some changes and some new things are not clear yet.

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@u1802520 @almartinflorido

The ROS Basics Real Robot Project is an enhanced version of the Unit 11 Project, and will soon replace it completely. Please find below some clarifications:

Yes, you need to solve them again. The evaluation is that the project works as expected. There is no grading button. To showcase your work, you can follow the instruction in Parts IV and V of the notebook:

Yes, they are replacing Unit 11.

What we consider “progress” in any of the courses is that you can apply what you have learned, thereby passing the quizzes and exams and completing projects like the ROS Basics Real Robot Project. It’s somewhat complicated to show fine-grained progress as you can jump to any unit of any course at any time.

That said, you are returned to the unit last visited any time you launch a course, so you can easily pick up from where you left off.

We do not offer course completion certificates at this time. We only offer certificates for some Learning Paths.

However, if you complete this project, you will have something to show to the world!

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