How do I get to Linux final exam?


I finished all of the material for the Linux for Robotics Course but I don’t understand how to complete the final exam and close out the course.

Thanks, Layne

Hi @lclemen, Welcome to the community …!!
Individual courses usually have quizzes and final exams are only available for learning paths.
For example, In your case the “Core foundation for ROS” learning path has two courses (Linux for Robotics and Python 3 for Robotics) along with a final exam (named Prerequisites Exam).

Here is the link for the above mention learning path: Code Foundation for ROS

Hope this clears your doubts.
Happy learning…!! :innocent:


@textzip is there a quiz in the Linux class?

Hi @lclemen, as far as I can recollect there are no quizzes in the Linux for Robotics and Python 3 for Robotics Courses. You can directly take the Final Exam after your done with both the courses.

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