How can we use default ros_controllers with our own DC motor

I’m making my robot .So , i’m wondering on how to use default ros_controllers Package with my own DC motor and encoder . Do we have any courses or tutorial help us for this task ?

Hi, I think you may need to use 2 different courses to help you with this. The first is: Create Your First Robot with ROS to help with your motor driver. The second is: ROS Control 101 - Noetic. I hope this helps!

i got these 2 course but i don’t know how .
In “Create Your First Robot” not use ros_controllers Package

Correct, but it does give you an idea how to write your own dc motor driver code–unless that isn’t necessary–as some motor drivers already have ROS code available. If that is the case I would just recommend the ROS Control 101 course. I hope this helps you!

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