How can I add a tool from STL file

I’m working in my local computer (ROS Kinetic 1.12.17, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) with the package of the Robotnik’s RB-Kairos found in your git (Bitbucket). I’m launching the UR10 version.

I want to add a tool to the arm, but I get lost in the URDF files. I only have the STL file of the tool and I dont know how to convert it to URDF and where (which file) and how to add the tool to the robot.

I have made a repository (GitHub - DavidRedrejo/test_ws: test) so you can check my workspace and see the tool.stl file and the robot’s packages.

The tool is supposed to be a “static holder” for a real tool, but I think that is not necessary to represent that tool, just the “holder piece”.

I hope somebody could help me. Many thanks for your time!

Hello @DavidRedrejo ,

Here you can find many posts talking about the STL->URDF conversion: convert from stl to urdf - Google Search

I would suggest starting from here.

About where to add the tool, it should be done here: test_ws/rbkairos.urdf.xacro at main · DavidRedrejo/test_ws · GitHub

If you have a look at this file, you’ll see that it’s importing the URDF of the gripper first (line 33), and then it’s adding it to the arm using a macro (line 195).