[Help, please] What command did you use to run Gazebo at the beginning?

Hi team,
I am a new member of theConstruct.

I would like to re-run the program on my machine to really understand your course.
What command did you use at the beginning to initialize the robot model in the cafe (to run Gazebo)?

I downloaded your packages turtlebot_navigation_gazebo and theconstruct_extra_models in the folder simulation_ws and run a command:
roslaunch turtlebot_navigation_gazebo main.launch
but it only shows the robot model but can’t load the cafe.
Unable to find uri[model://cafe]

Could you give me some advices,
Thank you very much,

Hello @phamhoanganhbk ,

You probably need to set the GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH variable to be able to find the path to the cafe model. Have a look here: https://answers.gazebosim.org//question/24935/how-to-include-a-model-which-is-not-in-default-path/

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Hi @albertoezquerro ,
Thank you very much for your help
Yes, it works. I add
export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=~/catkin_ws/src/theconstruct_extra_models/models:${GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH}
to .bashrc

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