Hand -eye calibration using Esay_handeye and moveit with Aruco marker

Hi All,

I am using xArm7 with xArm Gripper and Real sense camera with eye-on-base configuration. I have query regarding calibration that hand-eye calibration should be done with gripper mounted Aruco code on front of xArm Gripper or without gripper .

I tried both scenario but the coordinates I receive from real sense camera are not exact center of object.
Sometime it is just front of object and can pickup but not confidently or sometime it missed the object with little value.

What should I do ?
Is there any way to validate the hand-eye calibration is correct?
How can I modify the coordinates to pickup the object from its center?
How to handle the xArm Gripper open/close if one side of finger is just above the object ?

The best way to find a solution for this would be, you create a rosject where people can reproduce your error. Share the rosject so anybody can check the error and figure out a solution for it, or at least try some possible solutions.
Otherwise, with the information you provide, it is very difficult to see the problem and requires hours of work to find the problem

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