Hand eye calibration Queries

Hi ,

I have below mention queries :

a) After calibration is done successfully (I did not face any error), while pickup and place object, I realized the coordinate of object was return not correct (published by find_object_2d)? As it was some plus/minus x/y/z ? What might be issue for this ?

b) Is there any way or tool , I can identify the calibration is correct or not after generating the file easy_handeye_on_base.xml?

c) Is there any guideline to keeping the EE and camera . As I can see xArm has limit upto 700mm along x/y/z axis, when I move the robot to starting/observing position at x=500mm and Z=500mm (which I think suitable) it observe the object. Thereafter it has very limited scope in X/Z axis for pickup the object. What should I do for this.

d) While using Move IT , I observed object was just kept vertical down to gripper , but move It return fraction of 15% , and sometime also I feel that the trajectory from this position is quite easy and can pick by robot but then I found fraction is <90% . What might be the issue , and what needs to be done for this ? How can I check trajectory and why move it is returning fraction (computeCartesianPath) which is <90% for simple locations?

e) Suppose object is in rectangular shape having 8 sides. When I choose the object from QT tool , I can choose only one frame and realsense-camera identify that frame only. What if I need to provide all 8 sides/frame of object as object detecion/descriptor . How can I do it.

f) How can I provide the object detection for multiple objects (square, circle or rectangle any shape) and can provide to pick the object for particular shapes e.g. square one only

g) I observer Coordinate return from camera to End effector was not center of object , I think I might be the center of frame only. How Can I return the coordinate of Centre of object? I tried to do manually plus/minus X position ,it works fine . But when I kept the object at some angle to camera then it fails. Is there any generic algorithm for returning the center coordinate of any object ?


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