gym.error.UnregisteredEnv: No registered env with id:

I seem to be unable to register a new gym environment. I received this error in unit 2, but just pushed on anyway. Now, I am having the same error in unit 5. I have double checked everything and copied most if not all of the code directly. After looking into some other posts, someone mentioned using

from openai_ros.openai_ros_common import StartOpenAI_ROS_Environment

However, I get the following error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘openai_ros.openai_ros_common’

Please help me with this.

I figured it out. I needed to modify the entry point section. Specifically before the “:”

Hello @amicciche ,

Glad that you figured it out. Could you please provide some additional feedback? Is there something wrong with the code provided? Should we include some extra instructions? This will allow us improve this section in order to avoid confusion with future students.

Thanks in advance,