Gradebot Quiz correction issue

My code works fine in rosject and when I submit it for correction the Gradebot shows that “Launch command excited earlier than expcected”. So verified my package name and also removed build & devel folder and did catkin_make once again to complie the pack and All file are executable as well. I was able to run " roslaunch topics_quiz topics_quiz.launch " in terminal in rosject. So any help would be helpful. I’ve also attached a screenshot my package for your reference.

Hello @balajigunasekeran22 ,

I don’t understand your question. The image you are showing is from the rosject. The rosject doesn’t have any autocorrection system. The autocorrection system is for the Quizzes in the course. Could you please clarify?

Hello @albertoezquerro I will update the post with screenshot of Gradebot results for better your understanding of my issue.

Gradebot shows error in launch file

but my launch runs fine in rosject terminal hence I share the screenshot of my launch in the post.

@albertoezquerro Is this post comprehensive now ??

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Hello @balajigunasekeran22 ,

I accessed your course files to have a look, and I see that your topics_quiz package is empty. It doesn’t contain any launch file or Python script inside. This is why it’s failing in the Gradebot.

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Actually all my codes are in Rosject and not in course files. How can I copy them to course work ??

Hello @balajigunasekeran22 ,

You can download your packages/files from the rosject using the Code Editor, with a Right click on the file/folder and then select the Download option. Then, you can upload them to the course also using the Code Editor with a Right click and selecting the option Upload Files.

For the future though, keep in mind that the course and the project rosject are different things. The files that you have to create for the course will be different than the ones you are asked to create for the project.


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