GradeBot failed me on a mistake in Ch. 6

I created a custom message and it worked totally fine with the code and the BB8 robot moved accordingly. When I ran the GradeBot to evaluate the code It failed me because I had my custom message file in another package… Now I can’t complete the course, can someone please help me with this matter?

I have given you 2 more trials.

Please create the custom message file within the quiz package, and carefully test it before submitting again.

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It still failed me even though I placed MyCustomServiceMessage.srv in services_quiz package… What should I do?
There is nothing wrong with the code since it executes the right process when running it outside of the GradeBot.


Did you check and verify if all the issues in red color are fixed?

Yes, I did and I tried to run the code again after moving the custom message to the quiz package, and it worked

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Did you use the exact name you were asked to use - BB8CustomServiceMessage.srv? The gradebot will fail you even if the code is working but you didn’t use the exact names.

Also, do not copy the custom message from another package, create it from scratch.

Finally, you should clean your workspace after making corrections.

cd ~/catkin_ws
rm -rf build/ devel/
source devel/setup.bash
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Thank you, I will try that, could you please increase my trials again.

I have added two more trials for you.

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