Grade-bot reports my packages do not compile


I am currently trying to get my Unit 4 Assignment graded. If I compile the required packages

colcon build --packages-select services_quiz services_quiz_srv

it succeeds in the console, while grad-bot says compilation fails. When testing on my own console, the robot behaves as expected. I’m attaching a screenshot to show the issue.

Not sure what to do.

Update - after taking a look at other threads on the forum, seems like a bunch of people had the same problem. I managed to have it sorted by submitting to Grade-bot on a clear workspace. Is this the recommended procedure for every assignment then?

I apologize for this glitch.

We have made an update that makes it unnecessary to remove these folders before submitting - this will be handled automatically by the Gradebot.

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Thank you @bayodesegun . I’ll let this thread close itself then.

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