Get stuck at openai_ros package at "model.train"

Hi Experts,

I am using openai_ros package to drive a ur5e simulation model to reach a cricket_ball goal(as my graduate project). It should be easy, but it turned out to be not. I used the similar case of “shadow_tc”. But the training stuck at the “model.train” step.

I think the biggest reason is the env set up is not right.

Could any Expert help? Thank you very much!!

When I do the env.check, it showed nothing. just stuck.

I am using Ubunt 20.04. ROS NOETIC. and I am using stable_baselines as the RL library, I also tried stable_baselines3 for the RL. But the model just stuck.

Still no idea, could any expert give a hand?

Thank you very much!

Hi, any experts here? Thanks!

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