Gazebo Simulations for OpenAi_ros robotic environments

Hello. I followed the “Using OpenAI with ROS Noetic” course and found it very useful to simulate deep RL algorithms. I’m hoping to use industrial robotics env like fetch robot, Wam robot and sawyer env created in the OpenaiRos package to apply transfer learning between them.

While I was doing the course, we already have the gazebo environment running for the necessary unit, and we do not need to launch the gazebo environment; however, since I’m hoping to use my PC to do the simulations, can you please let me know where I can get the necessary gazebo simulation content for the fetch, Wam and sawyer robot including their task simulations.

Furthermore, can you please let me know any additional packages that I need to install in order to run those simulations from my PC? ( Currently, I installed ROS Noetic, ros controllers, Moveit, OpenaiRos, and ros navigations packages)

Thank you.


Here you have the public gits with the simulation code. You will have to look how to install dependencies becuase it dpeends on what you have there installed:




Hope it helps. You might have to change the branch to the ROS version you have :wink:

Thank you very much.

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