Gazebo not working in rosject

Hi, I’m working on ROs Navigation in 5 Days course and the project for navigation in rosject. The gazebo simulation in rosject does not start it keeps showing a black screen.

Hi @mina.mirovic ,

Can you share a screenshot of your terminal? I’d like to check if there is any error preventing gazebo to startup.
A screenshot of the whole screen is also helpful.

Sometimes it is confusing opening the Graphical Tools or Gazebo window, because they are quite similar, this is something we are working on to improve.

I wait for your screenshots.


Hi thank you for your reply. Here are the screenshots.

Hi @mina.mirovic,

I see that you have a fresh new terminal. For the final project, you need to launch the simulation manually.

Scroll down the notebook, you will see after at the beginning the instructions to launch it:

roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch

It is important to read and follow the entire notebook to get the necessary steps to setup the environment.

Please, let me know if that works for you


It works now, thank you.

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