Franka_Emika Package Installation

I am trying to import the franka emika panda robot in my simulation. I installed the packages written in their documentation at link and I am able to spawn it in my simulation world. But once I log out of the Construct platform I have to do the whole installation step all over again to make it work. Please is there a work around for this or is this normal. I am using ros-noetic.

Hello @foa2001 ,

This is normal. At present, any package that you install via apt / pip or similar will not be saved after your session is finished. Only packages that are built from source (you download the repository, compile it, etc…) will be saved. My suggestion would be to create a script that contains all the setup steps. So once you log in, you can just run your script and it will install all the dependencies, packages, etc…

Thank you, I will do this

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