Forum Login Error

I’ve had this happen multiple times now. I can log in to my coursework just fine - currently that is TF101. If I click on the question mark in the lower right, I get the pop-up just fine. When I click the link for “The Construct Forum”, a new tab opens, but instead of the proper forum topic, instead I get a login error.

If I click on the “The Construct” logo at the top, I go immediately to the forums at the top level. I’m not asked to log in again. If I go back to my course tab and try the steps again, I still get the “Login Error” page. My coursework tab continues to work just fine - I’m definitely not timed out.

It’s not a major nuisance, but clearly that something that shouldn’t be happening. Any suggestions?


Hi Keith,

Thank you for reporting this. I’m able to reproduce this error successfully and will look into it this morning.

Hi Keith,

This issue has been fixed now. If you are not prompted to do so already, please refresh the app page to get the latest update to the app.


Thanks - seems to be working fine now.

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