Fixed Frame [map] does not exist

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I am learning the course Basic Kinematics of Mobile Robots. In Chapter 3: Kinematics of Nonholonomic robots, I got the error “Fixed Frame [map] does not exist” when using RVIZ. The source code and error video are attached. [source_code, video] Please provide help if you may fix it. Thank you very much!


When you launch rviz it starts with a default value of the Fixed Frame of map.

The map frame is provided by the navigation system, which you are not using it for that course.

Hence, you need to change the Fixed Frame to one frame that already exists in the robot, for instance, the odom frame.

Click on the Fixed Frame option at the top of the list of displays and then change the map value on the right by odom.

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Nice, thank you very much.

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