Final Project Screen

This is final project screen but all the controls seems disable.
i did the following to connect
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7000 in project folder
then connect rosbridge using
roslaunch course_web_dev_ros web.launch
By placing rosbridge_address and pressing connect button seems all things disable…
What i am missing in it…need help please

Please make the following changes to make it work.

  1. Run the roslaunch command given in the notes instead of the one you ran. Leave it running.
roslaunch course_web_dev_ros project.launch

Switch to the IDE for the following steps

  1. In the project’s index.html file, replace the line
<script src="">


<script src="">
  1. In the project’s main.js file, replace the line
rosbridge_address: 'wss://',


rosbridge_address: '',
  1. Get your personal rosbridge address by running:

Switch back to the webpage tab.

  1. Put the address in 4 in the address input and connect!

PS: I have corrected the files in the solution repository, so you don’t need to correct the html and js files if you clone the repository afresh.