Final Project Notebook: Missing Hints and incomplete solution files

Here is another small issue I encountered when working through the course. I could finish it nonetheless.

The notebook could give some advice regarding the fact that there is a complete different robot model used in this simulation than in Unit 09: In the final project there is a Turtlebot 2, but in Unit 09 is a Tiago bot. So we need the corresponding robot models for the 3D Visualization that should be done in this final project. But there is no such paragraph which gives information about that.

The solution files at the end of the notebook are kind of linked to the first issue: They only cover the call to an Action Server to make the robot move to a certain waypoint. But the task is to implement almost every aspect of the whole course (e.g. camera view, map and joystick) so the corrsponding code pieces should be added to the solution files.

Thank you very much!

Hi @niritz ,

Thank you for pointing out this issue.

I added to the notebook of the course a link to the solution notebook. You can access the course and check it out!

If you don’t have access to the course anymore, feel free to get the solution in this repository that contains the solution proposed: Official solution repo


Marco Arruda