File explorer not loading my directories

I was trying to access my files on the file explorer but it seems to be empty. I tried to cd into the catkin folder and used ls and the files show up. But I cannot access any of them using the file explorer.
Moreover,I could not even create new packages using the terminal.

Hi @Abboud

Iā€™m sorry about the glitches. Could you please share some screenshot or screencast that indicates this problem?

Hi @Abboud ,

Try any of the solutions provided in this thread: How to fix Files and folders not displayed in IDE

Let me know if any one of them fixed it. If it is fixed, let me also know which solution worked for you.


hello again, I had tried them but they did not work. I logged in today and they are back.

Thank you for the help!!


They fixed themselves after a day on their own.

Thank you for the help!

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