Failed to contact master error in "5 days ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python)"

Hey all so im trying to start the project via the instructions to start the ros1 bridge with

source ~/.bashrc_bridge
ros2 run ros1_bridge dynamic_bridge --bridge-all-topics

but i am getting this error

[ERROR] [1653871447.997780411]: [registerPublisher] Failed to contact master at [master:11311].

because my goal is to type

rostopic list

but i get

ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!

some help would be great so i can start the project

Hi, welcome to the community!

What is happening is that you are launching the ros1_bridge, a tool used to communicate ROS and ROS 2, without anything on the ROS side.

Have you launched the simulation? This (or a real robot) is what provides the topics you are trying to bridge.

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Ah the simulation has to be open , i thought it can still run without the window being open. Thanks for your help

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