Facing issues while creating custom action message for basic rosject(ros in 5 days rosject)

Hi there, I was trying to create custom action message for the last part of the rosject but I am facing the error as shown

in the picture. We are using point data type, so which dependencies we need to add in cmakelists and package.xml. I did some research and found that we need to use geometry_msgs in generate messages in cmakelists but still that shows error as shown below. My cmakelists and package.xml are correct because I just tested fibonacci.action and the package easily get’s compiled as we are not using point data type in that. So, how to modify cmakelists and package.xml for OdomRecord.action custom msg. Not enough documentation is provided in the rosject instructions notebook. So, I am stuck at this point. My package.xml is as shown, Am I missing something in package.xml as well. Please help.

Hi, are you compiling with catkin build? If so, does the same happen with catkin_make?

Can you also share your CMakeLists.txt?

I don’t see the dependencies in your package.xml for geometry_msgs.

, , . These are the pictures for cmakelists.txt. Also, how to define geometry_msgs dependencies in package.xml. I also tried the catkin_make but it shows the same mesage as shown below . I also updated the package.xml but it is still showing the same error. The updated packag.xml is shown below .

Thank you for sharing it. You did not answer my other questions though.

It seems like the system is telling you the issue, that you didn’t specify generate_messages in dependencies. Also, it is looking for the message Point in your package my_package.

Hi, apologies for not answering other questions. Yes, I used both catkin_make and catkin build as well but both methods show me the same error as shown above. My structure of package is as shown image. Also, the structure of the OdomRecord.action is as shown below

. Is the structure of the message correct? Now, if you check in the cmakelists above, I have already added geometry_msgs as dependencies in generate_messages. Also, I have added the dependencies in package.xml for geometry_msgs but still showing the same error. If you want, I can share the code with you as well. Please help as I am badly stuck at this point. cheers.

You need to exchange




in your CustomActionMsg.action

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It worked bro, Thanks

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