Exercise U3-1 too many tables detected

In the exercise 3.1 the number of table detected is changing randomly before a start moving i have table[0] and table[1] and as i move forward once in a while it goes up to 4 tables detected simultaneously.

How do i choose the good one ?

An other question ? are the position in the table_array relative to the robot camera or to the map origin ?

A solution to this exercise is missing.

Its true that a solution is not given and we will work on it.

Once that is said, basically the topic published where all the detected tables are placed, is an array of tables, that each one has information about its pose, and therefore we can filter based on the zheight, becuase we want to use one or another table, maybe the closest one.

The frame is : frame_id: “head_camera_rgb_optical_frame”

Al the information you can get it by executing these comands and extracting the information you need:

rosmsg show object_recognition_msgs/TableArray

object_recognition_msgs/Table tables
std_msgs/Header header
uint32 seq
time stamp
string frame_id
geometry_msgs/Pose pose

You can see that its an array that has poses.

And you have to susbcribe to this topic: /table_array

With that all the info you need is there. Hope it helps

Thanks for the reply

I will try to find a way to sort the tables.

When you will have a solution to the exercice please let me know.