Exercise U2-3 guidance

In the exercise , there are two scripts , I need some guidance to understand a few things

  1. In the gps_to_xyz.py code , we convert the gps latitude and longitude to xy coordinates , previously we drove around in a map using teleop and recorded the gps waypoints in a file (points_sim.txt), my question is how are we using those waypoints in this script ?
  2. Where and at what point do you run the move_base_client.py script ?


Hi @Abhijit03

Here are some hints:

  • Your main package logic should be in move_base_client.py. When you launch your package, this should be the script that runs. This package should contain a ROS action client that calls the the /move_base action server.
  • Within the script above (not necessarily another script), include the logic that converts a GPS coordinate to Pose (as done in the gps_to_xyz.py script).
  • Send the resulting Poses to the action server.
  • The move_base_client.py should also be able to detect when the robot has reached the final destination - the third (and last) GPS coordinate.

If you are not yet familiar with creating packages and ROS action clients, I recommend you take the ROS Basics in 5 Days course first.

Hi @bayodesegun

Thank you very much for your reply and your time. I will work on the hints.
Have a Nice day ahead!


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