Exercise 7.7.1 Gazebo properties not set


I was following exercise 7.7.1, and realized that those Gazebo properties were not set. For example colors, the robot was still gray. in the picture in course notebook.

The solution code mentions including
<xacro:include filename="$(find my_box_bot_description)/urdf/box_bot.gazebo.xacro" />

But don’t we have to call the macro named “gazebo_elements” that was defined in box_bot.gazebo.xacro?



Inside the box_bot.gazebo.xacro you should place all the gazebo related tags, including… <xacro:gazebo_elements/> to set the colors and other physical properties. This is considering that you are coloring the mesh through gazebo built in colors. If you are adding the colors through the mesh textures, its not needed.

Hope I answered the question ;). If there is another doubt don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

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