Exercise 5.3 Rviz not looking as expected

I copy the code as guidance for Exercise 5.3 and run:

  • Shell #1
    cd ~/ros2_ws
    colcon build --packages-select path_planner_server
    source ~/ros2_ws/install/setup.bash
    ros2 launch path_planner_server pathplanner.launch.py

  • Shell #2
    source ~/ros2_ws/install/setup.bash
    source /home/simulations/ros2_sims_ws/install/setup.bash
    rviz2 -d /home/user/ros2_ws/src/local_costmap_rviz_config.rviz

my Rviz looks like this:

while it supposed to look like this:

One of the map should be subscribe to “/local_costmap/costmap” topic.
Sorry, I have just notice this.

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