Exercise 3.9 Scan question

I’m working on exercise 3.9. After I drive around a bit, in RVIZ I get this:

As expected, the localization is terrible, that part doesn’t bother me. But I I had a couple of questions about the laser scan. One - the laser is showing the walls of the room, even though max range is set at 1. That didn’t bother me too much - I’m guessing the display isn’t governed by that parameter. But what is confusing is that the counter in the room isn’t being picked up. The robot is right along side of it, as you can see in Gazebo:


Any idea of why the laser isn’t sensing the counter? I’ve reloaded a couple of times and get the same result. Seems odd to me.

Thanks for any insights.

Hello @comm ,

Yes you are right, the max range parameter doesn’t apply to RViz visualization since it gets the data directly from the scan topic. As for the other issue, it’s an error in the simulation. I’ve just tested it and it appears that the collisions are not implemented for that specific object (only the visuals). I’ll solve it as soon as I can.

Thanks @albertoezquerro. No hurry really- I was just making sure I hadn’t somehow misconfigured something or otherwise screwed up.