Exercise 3.8 a)

Hey there,
I think we have a small mistake here,

the exercise says: a)
In the package that you created in Exercise 3.3, create a new launch file named my_amcl_launch.launch . Copy the contents of the amcl_demo.launch file to this file.

to find the parameters which should be changes we should copy the content of amcl.launch an not amcl_demo.launch

This would be straight forward with the describtion


Hello @lwidowski,

Thanks for pointing it out. I will change this in the notebook right now.


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Still seems to be the way noted by @lwidowski - still says amcl_demo.launch
I came to a similar conclusion that he did, which is why I came to look at the support forum. But just copying amcl_demo.launch will work either - that doesn’t launch a map server. Not sure how important launching move_base is (which is the other thing launched in the amcl_demo.launch file).

Here’s what I did:

  • In the my_amcl_launcher package I made 2 new launch files: my_amcl_demo.launch and my_amcl_launch.launch

  • I copied the contents of amcl_demo.launch into the my_amcl_demo.launch file. In that file I changed the Run AMCL part as follows:
    <include file="$(find my_amcl_launcher)/launch/my_amcl_launch.launch" />

  • I copied the contents of amcl.launch into the new my_amcl_launch.launch file. I then changed the parameters as indicated in the exercise.

  • I launched as you’d expect: roslaunch my_amcl_launcher my_amcl_demo.launch
    I got the expected result as shown in RVIZ, so it all worked.

Hope that helps.