Exercise 3.2 - what does the "**" signify

In exercise 3.2 there’s the reminder Keep in mind that inside the while loop the value of x** needs to be updated every time, by calling the function **get_position(). What is the purpose of ** both after the “x” and before “get_position()”? I’m guessing that there’s some significance to the fact that “x” is a variable and “get_position()” is a function in determining whether the “**” goes before or after? Or is there something else that determines the position?



It’s just a formatting issue of the notebook. ** are used to emphasize text and for some reason, it’s rendering incorrectly. The correct way that it should render this:

Thanks. When I had tried googling it, it seemed related to pointers, but that wasn’t making sense either, so I just assumed I was missing something.