Exercise 2.7 EmptyRequest

I have created the required script for the exercise but I keep getting an error on the line:

from std_srvs.srv import Empty, EmptyRequest

I have seen this exact line used in ROS programs before without this error so I am not sure why it is happening. Here is the error:

No name ‘EmptyRequest’ in module 'std_srvs.srv’pylint(no-name-in-module)

What can I do to correct this? My script is executable.

Hello @mewescott ,

Are you still getting this error? The line you show:

from std_srvs.srv import Empty, EmptyRequest

is correct, so I suspect the error might be elsewhere. Maybe there is a problem with your ROS sourcing? I’d suggest restarting the Shell (click on the red cross) in order to get rid of any possible sourcing issues.

@albertoezquerro @mewescott

I apologize for this glitch. This is related to the IDE error mentioned in this post. It has been fixed and is deploying across VMs.

IDE cannot import module error - General Support - The Construct ROS Community (robotigniteacademy.com)

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