Exercise 1.1 - Creating another executable file

Hello, I would like to create another executable file for the Exercise 1.1

I solved it by changing the subscription topic to cmd_vel and running all in the same way, but now I want to create another executable file named vel_listener.cpp

This is my CMake.txt file (I also added the geometry_msgs package)

vel_listener code:

I am getting this error

What am I doing wrong? Thank you

Hi @ShikurM56,

the compiler is complaining that the display_vel function cannot be found. So the question is:

  • Is this function defined anywhere? Maybe in the test_library.h?

I see the “include” in line 3 is not correct. You have to include it in one of the two following ways:

#include "test_library/test_library.h"


#include "test_library.h"

I think the first option would work. What I know for sure is that we don’t include a header file passing its full path like you are doing now.

Please try to compile again after the changes and let us know how it goes.


Hello @ralves

It worked by adding to the library package the new .cpp of the vel_library

I also changed the include in line 3 as you mentioned, it worked in both ways.

Thank you

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