Excersise 2.11, help pls

a) In the turtlebot_navigation_gazebo package, search for the launch file named gmapping_demo.launch . You will see that what this file actually does is to call another launch file named gmapping.launch.xml , which is in the turtlebot_navigation package.

How do I search a navigation package for a launch file??? I cant find it in my IDE.


Hello @badmadafaka ,

You con directly go to a ROS package using roscd command:

roscd turtlebot_navigation_gazebo

Now you can check the file using vi or cat , or copy it to your workspace if you want to check from the IDE.

Thank you. How come i can use a file I cannot see in my IDE?

The ide only shows some folders like catkin_ws and some othres, you can copy the content of the turtlebot_navigation_gazebo by the cp command to the ~/catkin_ws/src/ so you can visualize it in the web IDE and even download it.