Examples in my own environment

Hi everyone,
I’ve just started the ‘Learning ROS in 5 days’ course. I’ve install of the packages and software required with a view to repeating all the course examples and exercises in my own environment by I don’t know how to configure Gazebo in order to reproduce these examples. Is there any tutorial or video that could help me?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Laura,

Installing and configuring ROS could be tedious, especially for a beginner, so we don’t recommend our learners to start with this. Moreover, we are not actively supporting local installations at this time.

That said,

  • One of the appendices of the ROS Basic in 5 Days course gives some guidelines on installing ROS locally
  • you can look through this post for some inspirations on how to get the Gazebo simulations:
    Is there any way that I can run everything in my local machine?
  • you can also search this site for more advice on local ROS installs.


Thanks again!
I’ve installed ROS locally and everything seems to work fine but the Gazebo simulation. I don’t know how to communicate my python scripts with it.
I’ll try again by following the steps that are shown in this URL.

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