Example 5.5 service server

I don’t quite understand what this means in example 5.5

“Dont forget that you should have executed the service server in another terminal:”

doses this mean i should run service file in another terminal? then which service file?
what is ‘service server’ here?

Hi @yuri,

It means you need to start the service (or service server) before you can call it. Typically, you start the service with a launch file, using roslaunch, in a separate terminal and then call it in another terminal. The command needed to start the service server is given in the next line:

roslaunch trajectory_by_name start_service.launch

The service server (or simply service) is the ROS-enabled program that accepts calls from the service client and returns a result, just like a web server receives requests from the browser. You will learn about service servers in the next unit.

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