Example 5.3 cleanly shutdown

When the client has finished cleanly and shut down properly, should the server technically also shut down?
Or by practice, we should keep the server still running until an external interrupt is called (like Ctrl+C) in real-world practice.

Hi @Genozen ,

No. Consider server as a website and client as your computer browser. If you close your computer internet browser, does the company server shutdown? NO.
So, the server WILL and SHOULD stay running. The client can request service when it is active and then shutdown.
So, when the client shuts down, the server should not shutdown.

Yes. You would technically shutdown the server when you find that you do not need the server to be running anymore and you know that the jobs are finished.

Hope I cleared your doubts.

Let me know if you are still unclear.


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This is great, thank you so much!

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