Errors when launching ROS Basics Real Robot Project M

Hello everyone,

Today I started trying out the real robot project. I started by running the first command that appears, but several errors appear related with missing models.


roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch


Was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue…

Paulo Santos

Hey there, I also get the same errors when launching the above command but it doesn’t effect your program as If you run gazebo simulator and use the mouse scroll to zoom out then you will be able to see the simulation. Also, you need to type roscore in the forst terminal and roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch in the second terminal, then it should work. Cheers.

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Hi, like @navjotsinghsodhi52 says, those errors do not affect the simulation. They are warnings from gazebo.

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Oh my, I’m so dumb. Thank you so much, did not know I had to zoom out for it to show up…


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