Error in unit 3 Exercise 3.1

hello i need some help in exercise 3.1
i did the launch file,yaml f
צילום מסך 2022-12-17 125106
ile but when i start the rviz and run the map, i got this error:


This usually means that the node in charge of publishing the map frame is not working. What does the output of your amcl node?

thats what i got

maybe you know how to define the initial point?

ok, my mistake i think thats what i need to get (what i show you in the picture)
but i still got the same error with the map…

You can define the initial pose by opening rviz and clicking on the 2D pose estimate at one of the top menus. You can also define it in the configuration file if you know where the robot is going to be. Once you set it, then the map frame should be created

thanl you very much, it work.