Enterprise course access in Monthly Subscription

HI, I’m using monthly subscription. As stated at various places on website,Enterprise course are not part of this monthly subscription. However, When i click on any of enterprise course. I get the button of start course.Is this ok? I clicked on one of the course and course actually started. This should be restricted right?

You do have a point, and that’s a possible way of doing it. However, our way is to let anyone see the first chapter of any course for free so that they can at least have a taste of what they would buy.

Access is restricted only from chapter 2 onwards.

Oh Great, Thanks! btw, I’m an individual not an enterprise and if I wish to learn those courses, what would be the pricing? WIll it be same as for enterprise?

We sell licenses, not courses. A license grants you access to a defined set of courses, plus other benefits. One of the benefits of the enterprise license is access to all enterprise courses in addition to the regular courses.

If you would like to buy the enterprise license, please send us an email requesting the same at info at theconstructsim dot com.

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